Firearms Shots
The Gun Control Debate

This is something that may surprise a great many of you but it’s something that has to be said.
I’m a Liberal. 
On a great many issues I’m primarily Liberal.

Let me clarify.
I don’t hate guns, I don’t believe in gun control, and I definitely don’t believe we need more laws.  I think we need to enforce what we have and make amendments to current laws to make them more effective.
I’m okay with closing the gun show “loophole”.  Require anyone who wants to buy a gun at the show go to a booth, get a NICS check, and get a slip of paper stating they’re eligible to buy a gun, solved.

What we need is intellectual discussion.
We need calm talks.
We need to help the mentally ill.
We need to defend our schoolkids.
We need to help the poor.
We need to stop the poor from being disarmed “for their own safety” in low income urban areas.
We need to fight back against crime and drugs.
We need to unite as a country.

Now here’s what I don’t think we need.
We don’t need people calling the president Hitler or Stalin.
We don’t need people being called communists, socialists, or fascists.
We don’t need people comparing us to Rome.
We don’t need people threatening elected officials.
We don’t need people telling us to get out of the country if we disagree with you no matter how you word it.
Finally, We don’t need people comparing the gun control debate to the Holocaust, this is a horribly demeaning comparison and it needs to stop.

I carry concealed.  Not because I want to shoot anyone but because I don’t want to be shot, stabbed, robbed, or sexually assaulted, or let someone around me or close to me be shot, stabbed, robbed, or sexually assaulted.
I carry to protect myself and those around me.
I would like to see concealed carry legalized in every school and university in our country and then see how many of these unstable individuals attack those locations.
I believe it’s perfectly legitimate to own and use standard capacity magazines of 30 rounds, 40 rounds, even 75-100 round drums.  I believe that the AR-15 is a fine varmint rifle and is a great home defense tool.

I stand up for my rights but I don’t trample on the rights of others.  As much as you don’t like what the other people are saying you shouldn’t be telling them to get out of the country because they’re saying it.  That’s akin to them saying if you don’t like gun control you can just move to Yemen or some other country.

I didn’t like President Bush and was always told to suck it up because he’s the President and deserves respect, now I’m gonna say the same to you, I may not like President Obama all the time but he’s the President and he deserves respect.

I’m a Liberal, an old breed of Liberal maybe, but a Liberal…  And I’m a gun owner and a firm believer in Firearms Rights.

Now please…. Stop making the rest of us gun owners look like crazy redneck assholes.


An extremely rare Japanese 19th century Murata target rifle.

Sold At Auction: $12,000-$18,000






Korean War Russian Tokarev 1947 vintage TT33, 7.62x25
Korean war bring back, company commanders engraved pistol- Military antique (1951-1953) The communists didn’t have much money for fancy decorations or awards, so they would get a Chinese artisan\gunsmith to come to the company headquarters, obtain the best pistol from the armory, and make it into something special. He would strip the pistol, draw file it to perfection, removing the original finish, engrave it profusely,and re-blue it using some fancy bluing salts he saved just for this. After re-finishing, he would fabricate a pair of rosewood grips and a fancy box to keep it in. The soldier who brought this home didn’t get the box, but had a similar one made here. A rare military antique as very few of these were made and fewer found their way here!

Tom, its name is Maria

it seems pretty convincing. the angle of the grip is wider and the hammer at the back of the slide isn’t sticking out or looped. that finish and the pearl on the grip look sezzy as hell though.

Yeah, I just thought it was funny how similar they are.  That is the only other gun I have seen that is even close.

The gun you’re looking for would be this beauty…  Browning High Power, custom engraved with pearl style handles, they’ve only changed a few small cosmetic details in the videogame model.

Hamilton Rifle Co Model No. 7 in 22 Short.
Boys all metal skeleton rifle. The Model 7 was the first Hamilton made. The skeleton frame was made entirely of castings, stampings with coil springs, and completely nickel-plated. To load the rifle, the barrel pivots to the left at the frame junction, exposing the chamber.

In 1882, Clarence Hamilton being a businessman and owner of a small building in Plymouth, Mi. got together with investors and started the Plymouth Iron Windmill Company. The iron windmill business went no were, lasting only a few years. Before the plant and business fully closed, Clarence went in partnership with a friend who had invented an all-metal air rifle. At that time only wooden air rifle existed.

In 1895 the Iron Windmill plant was producing more air rifles then Windmills. While manufacturing air rifles, Clarence had ideas of manufacturing low cost boys’ rifles and began to designs inexpensive methods of manufacturing rifle barrels and rifles. At that time, .22 cal. rifles were referred to as Boys’ rifles because of their size. In 1898, Clarence sold his portion of the air rifle business (know as the Daisy Air Rifle Company) and the Iron Windmill company. The two company’s move out and the Hamilton Rifle Company of Plymouth, Michigan was born. At the same time Clarence son, Coello completed tool and die training. Two years later Clarence died and Coello took over the rifle business.

From 1898-1945 the Hamilton’s invented and manufacturer good quality affordable .22 cal. rifles. There were 14 different models; retail cost averaging $2.00-$ 5.00 per rifle. Other rifle companies where charging $10.00 and up per rifle. In addition to the rifles low selling price, good marketing and advertising made the Hamilton Rifle Company the most popular and successful boys’ rifle company of its time.

A Set of Percussion Cap “Muff Pistols”
Muffs were hand-warmers typically made of fur popular in the 1800s. These pistols were very easily concealed inside of one for self-defense and you didn’t have to worry about accidentally pulling the trigger as it folds in when the hammer isn’t cocked.
This is a nice pair of matching single shot percussion muff pistols. The bottom flat of the breech plug is stamped “216”, the left side has the Liege “E / LG / *” proofmark and the front of the grip is stamped “2498”. The left rear barrel flat is marked with a “crown/A” proofmark. Each side and the bottom of the frame are decorated with an engraved pheasant in a field scene as well as floral scroll engraving which extends to the top of the frame, striking end of the hammer and on the buttcap. Damascus barrel, folding trigger and ebony grip with floral carving on the side flats and grooves in the grip area. Complete in a walnut case with brass initial plate on the lid, brown velvet fitted lining, with an iron bullet mold and two ebony containers.
Overall a gorgeous set of very interesting pistols from an unknown manufacturer.

Lady’s Percussion Cap “Muff Pistol”
Muffs were hand-warmers typically made of fur popular in the 1800s. This pistol was very easily concealed inside of one for self-defense and you didn’t have to worry about accidentally pulling the trigger as it folds in when the hammer isn’t cocked.
This pistol measures 6” overall with a 2” barrel and .44-.45 smooth bore. Very nice walnut grips. Trigger pops out when you cock the pistol. This pistol has Birmingham proof marks and gun maker marked “Chance” possibly W.G. Chance of London.

Colt Agent .38 Special with 2” barrel
This particular Agent model stands out with its factory hammer shroud. The grips are factory wood checkered with the silver dancing Colt medallion. This particular gun was manufactured in the mid to late sixties.

Shout out to all firearms owners and advocates. Keep in mind many of your handguns and surplus rifles that will fall under this legislation will be required to be registered the same as fully automatic belt-fed machine guns including a $200 tax stamp PER FIREARM.
It has also been proposed that in the event of such a ban the National Guard will be called in to help confiscate and/or catalog firearms that are to be taxed.
Please join and share the petition. Stop this “Senator” from continuing to debase and defile our constitution and remember…

"The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms" - Samuel Adams
Great quote from a great man.

Great quote from a great man.

Shansei Broomhandle Mauser copy in .45ACP

This is a gun that MAUSER did not make but it is based on the original design. This gun is refered to as a Shansei, Shanxi or Shanzi (Chinese is Ideographical it “Sounds like this”) Arsenal model in 45ACP Calibre (45 Automatic Colt Pistol Calibre). Models of this design are generally of good material quality but it is a Chinese copy of a Chinese Copy
History of the Shansei…. 
The Chinese Nationalists came to power in 1911 from this date the people of China dated items in the number of “Years” that the Chinese Nationalists were in power. Chinese Nationalist Year 2 would be 1912, Year 18 would be 1929 and Year 19 would be 1930. The Nationalists were overthrown in 1949 so the late 20’s early 30’s is the approximate timeframe that the original Shansei was created. I say “original” as there have been imports of “New” Shansei’s or “Arsenal refinished” ones.